4 months later…time for a mini update

9 Aug

feeling peaceful.

funny little ones

3 Apr

a mini ode to jenna and julia.

thanks for always making me laugh, and always wanting to wear velvet.

i love that you never want to take your swim cap or pink goggles off, then you take 27 self portraits.

thanks for letting me feed the giraffes with you…

then trying to feed me the leftover lettuce, while you sampled the giraffe biscuits.

you’re the best.

and, i’m still so sorry i zipped your neck up in your velvet hoodie. even though you made me change the spiderman bandaid every 15 mins.


28 Feb

february could be the least fun month in the year. i am so happy its MARCH!

punxsutawney phil, don’t let me down.

inactive blogger

23 Feb

i’m sorry that sinmayonesa has been on hiatus as of late. truthfully, working takes up most all of my time, and approximately zero fun musings have occurred.  when something blog worthy happens, i’ll be back!

nutella party tonight

5 Feb

happy happy WORLD nutella day!!!

nutella first came into my life about exactly 3 years ago, here, in my Italian apartment. since then, there is no telling how many jars i have consumed, but during the 4 month stint in Firenze i averaged one jar per week, resulting in lots of happiness and 15 lbs.  nutella, ti voglio bene!

good article- how important is travel to you?


30 Jan

i’ve been having fun stumbling upon photography lately.

all of these photographs are Kenneth Parker and i LOVE them!  maybe if the whole going back to school thing doesn’t happen, i’ll start new musings with photography, and a pretty camera.

after watching 127 hrs this weekend, starting the book, and looking at pictures like so,

i am wanting to do a 10 day-2 week grand canyon, canyonlands, and zion park camping trip. so close, beautiful, and too easy not to do!

who’s with me?

i like to travel II

23 Jan

random assortment of favorite travel photos (and just some favorite photos) part II.

Argentine/Chilean border. Los Andes.

Marrakech, Morocco.

Humboldt County, California.

Fort Collins, Colorado.

Grand Junction, Colorado.

Moab, Utah.

Abetone, Italy. I remember that 2 of these guys were actually named Mario and Luigi.

Valdivia, Chile.

Marrakech moccasins.

Valparaiso, Chile.


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